About Us

About UsHair Masters is the premier hair salon. We offer a variety of hair and makeup services and are conveniently located for you.

Although our prices vary to accommodate a variety of guests, each of our stylists has completed an extensive training program. Regardless of the level of stylist you choose, you can be confident that you will receive incredibly high quality services.

Our Mission:

We work together as a team to better serve our clients. Our service is infused with the diversity of our staff. Development of each staff member’s education is vital to the success of our business.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We work together in teams to ensure that we deliver on our promise. Our goals are:

* Do a great job on your hair.

* Provide the best possible customer service.

* Continue our education.

* Always learn new things, learn from each other and improve,

* Create an uplifting, positive environment for clients and staff,

* Make the most environmentally sound choices in our products and in our actions,

* Provide healthier alternatives to products, including colors and hair care,

* Strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in everything we do

We believe that you deserve excellent service in a fantastic salon environment and that you should be treated as an individual and not just a number.

Contact us for more information at (403) 341-3555